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transmittance n : the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance [syn: transmission]

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  1. a transmission
  2. the fraction of incident light, or other radiation, that passes through a substance


fraction of incident radiation
  • German: Transmissionsgrad
  • Italian: trasmittanza
  • Korean: 투과율

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In optics and spectroscopy, transmittance is the fraction of incident light at a specified wavelength that passes through a sample.
\mathcal =
where I_0 is the intensity of the incident light and I is the intensity of the light coming out of the sample. The transmittance of a sample is sometimes given as a percentage.
Transmittance is related to absorbance A as
A = - \log_\mathcal\ = - \log_\left(\right)
or, using the natural logarithm
A = - \ln\mathcal\ = - \ln\left(\right)
From the above equation and the Beer-Lambert law, the transmittance is thus given by
\mathcal = e^,
where \alpha is the attenuation coefficient and x is the path length. Note that the term "transmission" refers to the physical process of light passing through a sample, whereas transmittance refers to the mathematical quantity.
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